Communication Skills

Communication includes the transference and understanding of meaning between the sender and the receiver. An idea, regardless of its value, is just an idea until other team members understand it.

I am not going to talk about communication here, I am going to talk about Effective Communication which is really important. For the effective communication basically there are two types of communications that you just have to be compelled to focus on:
  • Verbal
  • Non Verbal
In verbal communication you have maintain Voice Modulation (tone of voice, clarity, fluency, power, pauses, inflection, volume, pace etc). Next you need to know different ways to approach, ask, interrupt, respond, apologize, express, offer etc. (See More Details in Verbal Communication Tips page). And

  • Don not interrupt in between, make a parallel conversation.
  • Sound genuinely interested in his/her concern.
  • Avoid speaking in a monotone use variations.
  • Maintain your pace don't speak to fast. Use natural and appropriate emphasis on key words.
  • Whenever you say "OK" or "Alright" you have to wait for response because these are close ended questions.

In non verbal communication your body and mental language comes like:

  • Maintain a decent body posture like standing straight or sitting upright.
  • Maintain Eye Contact which is the major part of effective communication, which generates more than 50% effect on communication. Whereas on the phone try to imagine the next person and try to make virtual eye contact.
  • While communicating with others be in good mood and smile, forget about your personal headaches.
  • Show expressions and emotion.
  • Be positive, think positive, speak positive.

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