Public Speaking/ Presentation

Speaking publicly or giving presentation in English in mass could be a challenging job for you however don not worry, here are some tips which could help you to be a decent public speaker or a good presenter:

  • Whenever you are doing presentation or speak publicly in English your focus must not be at your language which is the biggest mistake folks do. Focus on the the topic and try to make it interesting and fascinating one. If you do so people will neglect your language mistakes. Focusing on language should be at your practice sessions only, not while you are live.
  • Second try to make eye contact with people and get some of them involved by interacting, in that way you will not feel bored or nervous and so do they.
  • Third be louder while speaking, if you are loud confidence automatically comes inside you.
  • Fourth have the latest, unique and interesting data or information on your topic which will attract the audience and they get more involved and attracted towards your presentation.     
  • Do not forget to implement all the VOICE MODULATION factors properly as needed.
  • Good Luck! I will get back to you with some more ideas soon  Gyanesh DAN   

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