Speaking English

English speaking is not so tough as you think, just you need to work on it constantly and this language is individually very important in today's globalizing world.

English is spoken by people around over 350 million people as their first language and mother tongue (includes 55 million within the UK and rest in USA and few others). English is an official language over 50 countries round the world.

There are over a billion people who can speak English as well as people who speak it as a second language.

English is a comparatively easy and straightforward language to learn. With a bit practice and proper guidance, you should soon find yourself able to get by in most everyday situations. You can get some ideas from this blog.

Many people who have had hassle learning to speak English in the past believe incorrectly that they "just don't seem to be smart at learning English." But the reality is most English class environments are not ideal for learning to speak English.

The problem with most English course material is that it is not strictly targeted on teaching auditory communication. Students who learn from these materials typically find themselves sounding strange and like they're reading from a textbook. Additionally, most students practice with each other or follow their locals and not native speakers which ends in mispronunciations and bad habits that leave little space for progress.

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