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Julia Robert on February 7, 2013 at 11:23 PM said...
Thanks for sharing this post. Many people have master degree in English Literature but they don't have English Language skills for jobs .

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Namenirajan dhital
hi sir
First of all I want to thank Dan who provided all major tips to improve english and it really works if you want to be a good english spoker and also I found many changes on myself after applying all those tips.
thank you!

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خیلی خوب میشه که که توی این گروه بیشتر روی این تمرکز کنید که چجوری مهارت هامون توی 
  افزایش بدیم .مثل همین پست.speaking , listening  
It is so good that I can focus more on how our skills in speaking, listening would increase. Including this post.

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Name: Marten Rajbanshi
kathmandu, BAGMATI, 00977
Dear ... Gyanesh 'Dan' Karn . ' I like your English Communication Tips . And also some of your English course .I like your all tips that how to speaking English language and also i like all the examples about how to speaking .. And thanks for your distribution .....for who want to learn speak English language ...
actually i want to be as a professional speaking person so will you help ??.....

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Nameshahaj kafle

Hello sir/mam,
I am thankful to Dan for providing such an information. I tried it and it really works. First of all the thing that bothered me was my English which was actually bad but with this English improvement skills and knowledge I am able to compete with others and go ahead in my career.
Thank you,


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