Improving English Speaking

English speaking is not so tough as you think, just you need to work on it constantly to improve it and this language is individually very important in today's globalizing world.  So as to assist you speak more easily and effectively here i mention few points below which will help you to improve your spoken English, please have a look:  [you can also see the lower post in homepage]        

  • Naturalilty: While speaking we need to sound natural, which means you know what you are trying to speak. Essentially you speak by knowing it. 

  • Fluency/Flow: In order to be fluent first thing first you have take care of the unnecessary PAUSES. Pauses should be given only at punctuation like comma, colon, parentheses, ellipses, full stop etc.

  • Emphasis: This is to provide contrast to your words to bring out their desired meaning and making it natural.

  • Pace: You need to maintain your speaking speed and keep it at that level where the next person can understand you properly and feel comfortable.  

  • Clarity: Clarity comes with fluency, emphasis, pace and the volume of your voice or loudness of your voice. And of-course the proper pronunciation of the words which you can keep on practicing by getting help from online dictionaries where you can listen to the pronunciation or any of your teachers, friends, relatives having good pronunciation.

  • Confidence: Confidence is needed not only in English speaking, any language you speak. Feel comfortable while talking. Try to use normal and simple sentences, use fillers if you get stuck but not forever slowly you have to avoid fillers. And after all being loud while speaking that generates confidence inside you. Get your words across, speak English the way you speak your native language, Enjoy Talking! 

----------------------GOOD LUCK---------------------- gyanesh dan

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