Speaking Tips

Hello! Here I have mentioned few tips which will assist you to improve your English speaking:
  • When you speak English open your mouth, make it free. I mean to say try to use each and every parts of your mouth. Don’t suppress words.
  • Speak English as comfortably, perfectly and smoothly as you speak your mother tongue.
  • Do not jump to American or British English, use simple correct English.
  • Listen to the English songs having clear accent not the death metal ha ha ha ! J , and of-course news and movies, learn from there. Don't watch TV News watch the news reader's mouth regulation and listen how they speak and pronounce words. 
  • Use the dictionary may be online or your pocket dictionary.
  • Make a list of frequently used words and sentences on regular basis.
  • Structuring and framing a sentence with proper grammar is very important so practice all grammar units.
  • Read out the news papers books etc loud in high volume.
  • Record your voice play it back, figure out the mistakes.
  • Hold your breath for listening oral conversation or speech in movies news etc. Take your time to listen.
  • Watch movies with your eyes together with your ears. If it is not clear pause the movie and replay.
  • Take care of the unnecessary pauses. Pauses should be only at certain intervals where the punctuation are. 
  • Don’t be shy, make mistakes correct it right there with the help of good speakers or use google for references or drop it to my FAQs section etc.
  • Your habit of speaking english decreases the gap between you and the english speaking, which is directly proportional to being natural and your confidence level.

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